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How It Works

Drawing (13)Get the crate:
Subscribe monthly for best price. Each crate
contains everything you need to build a new
machine every month.

build boxBuild and Learn:
Most of the science is made obvious
through building. Use our online resources
to go deeper.

compete and winCompete:
For the challenge: use what you
learned in an innovative way. Share your kid's
innovation with us on Social to win.


What People Are Saying

"Ugh, this is hard. I hate this box." Three minute pause. "Look how cool! This is the best box EVER!" "That second part was repeated for several hours. " - Team Burke

"I’m absolutely in love with a kit that teaches my kiddos something so valuable, and then asks them to apply that knowledge and do something spectacular with it." - Team Kessler 

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"Coming up with an innovation is hard work but I see more and more how valuable engaging in the process is for my kids."

Team Price


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my Kiddo need help?

It depends, but plan on it. The most fun idea we have seen is: some parents act like it is "their" project but they ask the kids if they will help. It makes for a fun family learning experience. 

Will I need to supply anything?

Each box comes with everything you need to build. Occasionally you might need scissors but nothing every household doesn't have.

Do I have to participate in the Challenge?

Absolutely not, its just a little bonus we include to see how kids would take what they learned and think outside the box. 

Can I gift the Challenge Crate?

Absolutely, just select "Ship to a different address" at checkout and we will recognize the Challenge Crate as a gift. 


Featured Prizes

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night swat drone

Parrot Airborne Drone

Parrot Jumping Drone

little bits

littleBits Gizmos Kit

CreoPop 3D Pen


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